To Stop the Installation of the Proposed Cell Tower at Crossfield Elementary School in Herndon, VA

Email FCPS School Board members and tell them to support review/revision of cell tower policy 8335!

We are parents concerned about the 138'-tall cell tower proposed for installation steps away from a playground.
Learn about the risks of this tower and help stop the tower!

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Why you should be concerned

Parents and neighbors have numerous concerns about the placement of the tower, including health, physical safety, property value, and minimal revenue to the school.


Physical safety of your kids

Is a piece of industrial equipment near the playground safe for our kids? Learn about how towers have fallen and caught fire, and how maintenance staff will have 24/7 access to the school grounds.


Know the health risks

There is no definitive science proving the radiation emitted from these towers is safe. We're not willing to risk our children's health for $189 a month from a cell-tower owner.



The local media have been vital in helping get the word out about how upset Crossfield parents are about the pending cell tower application.

See your fellow parents telling their story on local news outlets.

As a community, we must tell our elected officials and decision makers that this tower is not wanted!

Call your School Board Representatives and Tell Them They Cannot Count on Your Vote if the Cell Tower Project Continues

Call them. Every day. The most effective way to stop this tower is to let them know that this is not going away and that our opposition is to their policy on these towers. Here's how to send that message:

Pat Hynes, Hunter Mill District School Board member

571-423-1082  |  pat.hynes@fcps.edu

Tom Wilson, Sully District School Board member

571-423-1085  |  tawilson1@fcps.edu

Call our Board of Supervisors representative for the Hunter Mill District, Cathy Hudgins. The Board of Supervisors has authority to reject the application if the school board won't take action.

Cathy Hudgins, Board of Supervisors, Hunter Mill District

703-478-0283  |  cathy.hudgins@fairfaxcounty.gov

Next, call our principal, Mr. Granieri. He needs to understand how serious this is to us and he needs to go to bat for the parents with the school board.

Mark Granieri, Crossfield Principal

(703) 295-1100  |  mtgranieri@fcps.edu

Call our regional superintendent, Douglas Tyson. He can also influence the school board's decision.

Douglas Tyson, Regional Superintendent

571-423-1110  |  Douglas.Tyson@fcps.edu