To Stop the Installation of the Proposed Cell Tower at Crossfield Elementary School in Herndon, VA

Email the Fairfax County Park Authority and tell them to reject Milestone's Fred Crabtree Park application!

 Please help us stop a 150' tall cell tower that is going to be placed 400 feet from the Crossfield Elementary School playground!

Crossfield Tower Pic.jpg

Why you should be concerned

Parents and neighbors have numerous concerns about the placement of the tower, including health, physical safety, and property value.


Physical safety of your kids

Is a piece of industrial equipment near the lower Crossfield playground safe for our kids? Learn about how towers have collapsed and caught fire.


Know the health risks

There is no definitive science proving the radiation emitted from these towers is safe. We're not willing to risk our children's health when more and more studies link cellular radiation to health issues.



Crossfield parents recently spoke out against the installation of a tower directly on the school grounds. The local media were vital in helping get the word out about parent concerns over the previous cell tower application.

See your fellow parents telling their story on local news outlets.

As a community, we must tell our local officials and decision makers that this tower is not wanted!

Call the Fairfax County Park Authority and Tell Them They Should Reject any Application that Puts a Cell Tower so close to Crossfield!

Here's who to call:

Fairfax County Park Authority Main Number:

703-324-8702  (ask for Bill Bouie)