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Subject: Crossfield Elementary – Milestone Verizon cell tower application Fred Crabtree Park


Dear Mr. Bouie, Ms. Godbold, PA Board Members, Cathy Hudgins, Kathy Smith,

It has come to my attention that the Fairfax County Park Authority is considering an application from Milestone Communication to place a cell tower in Fred Crabtree Park, less than 400 feet from the Crossfield Elementary School playground.  For the reasons below, I am writing to ask that you support the community’s interests and oppose the proposed cell tower at Fred Crabtree Park next to Crossfield elementary.

As a parent of a Crossfield student and Fairfax County taxpayer, I opposed Milestone’s attempted 2016 placement of a cell tower directly on the Crossfield Elementary School’s property.  I am outraged to now learn that Milestone has recently applied for a new cell tower location at Fred Crabtree Park, which would place a new Verizon tower less than 400 feet from the Crossfield Elementary School playground.

As you well know, Fred Crabtree Park contains over 200 acres.  Despite the Park’s significant size, Milestone is proposing to place its cell tower as close as possible to the elementary school children’s playground to minimize their costs and maximize their revenue.  This proposal represents a blatant disregard for the safety and security of Crossfield's students, staff and parents.  On a daily basis, the proposed tower site area is already clogged with student walkers, parents dropping off and picking up children, school staff arrivals and departures, school buses, and soccer teams coming to & from the adjacent athletic field. The proposed location is not in an isolated location, and a cell tower will cause significant adverse impact and disruption to the adjacent Crossfield Elementary School environment.

Milestone and its agents know the community's concerns, and have intentionally chosen to yet again disregard the community in blind pursuit of profit.  The Crossfield community will not tolerate such deplorable conduct.

On November 15, at the Park Authority Board meeting, please voice your opposition to this proposed cell tower location, and align your support with the safety of the Hunter Mill and Sully district residents and their children.

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