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Stop the Crossfield Cell Tower

Stop the Crossfield Cell Tower

Information about the proposed cell tower construction at Crossfield Elementary School in Herndon, VA

Confused about the safety of the proposed Crossfield Cell Tower?

A group of Crossfield Parents has created this page to share information about the installation of a proposed cell phone tower at Crossfield Elementary School. Milestone Communications, in partnership with Verizon Wireless, submitted an application in April 2016 to install a 138' cell tower about 50 ft. away from the northmost playground. Crossfield Elementary and the Fairfax County School Board approved the application before notifying parents via email in May 2016. We are asking our school principal and our School Board members to withdraw their support for this tower! 



The community has several concerns regarding the tower:

  • Long term health risks to children (and teachers!) from 8+ hours of sustained radiation exposure
  • The physical safety of the children playing under a structure that would crush the playground if it fell, or would ignite the surrounding woods if it caught fire
  • The aesthetic effect of this project, as a 2,500 square foot area of trees would be cut down, and the tower (which does NOT blend in with its surroundings) will stand 50+ feet higher than the trees near it
  • The effect the tower will have on real estate values in our area, both for houses that can see the tower and for concerned parernts that don't want their children enrolled in a school with a tower this close.

We are asking parents to reach out to their school board representatives to express their concerns about the installation of the tower.


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The Science

The science about cell towers is inconclusive, no matter what you might read elsewhere. Learn more about the studies that have (and haven't) been done.

Physical Safety

The tower is simply too close to the playground and school. If it fell, and cell towers do fall (watch this video), it could land directly onto the playground

The Policy

The Fairfax County School Board has issued a blanket policy putting their revenue above the safety of children. They are relying on a policy that we can't oppose the tower based on health or safety issues.

That's Not Good Enough For Our Kids!

The Fairfax County School Board has the power to withdraw support for the application, and that's what we need to do.

What You Can Do

The school board can stop this tower! Call your school board representatives and let them know how you feel!

What's Next

There is a public Planning Commission meeting scheduled for September 28th. The more concerned community members that attend, the more our voice will be heard.