Citizens for Safe Fairfax County Schools
Stop the Crossfield Cell Tower


Information about the proposed cell tower construction at Crossfield Elementary School in Herndon, VA

The Tower Isn't Physically Safe!

Despite the best intentions tower contractors and engineers, accidents happen. Cell towers catch fire. Cell towers collapse. And when Milestone and Fairfax County decided to put the cell tower close enough to crush the upper grade students' playground, they put your kids at risk!

  • See this story of a cell tower that almost collapsed in Bensalem, PA. The following quote is particularly disturbing : If the tower was to come down instruments on top of the towers could have become projectiles, exploded on crash and shrapnel may have injured kids playing at the playground.
  • The 138' tower is just 120' from one of Crossfield's playgrounds. The safety of the children is compromised while they are playing under a structure that would crush them if it fell. And yes, cell towers fall, as seen in this YouTube video.
  • The 50' x 50' base station is a hazard as well. There is a large amount of industrial equipment housed in the station, which contains chemicals and hazardous materials. And these run the risk of fire and explosion as well, which occurred in Hinton, IA.

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