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Stop the Crossfield Cell Tower


Information about the proposed cell tower construction at Crossfield Elementary School in Herndon, VA

Why Not a Cell Tower at Crossfield?

The Crossfield community has several concerns regarding the proposed 150' monopole tower at Fred Crabtree Park:

  • The 150' tower would be 400 feet from Crossfield's lower school playground where children ages 2-8 play everyday.
  • The research related to the safety of the radiation emitted from cell towers is inconclusive. Any study that states these towers are safe are referring to small amounts of brief radiation exposure to adults, not prolonged daily exposure to children. Learn more about our radiation health risks here.
  • Cell towers can fall, catch fire (ignite the surrounding park land), in winter months form icicles that could travel over 100 mph down to the ground
  • Video of cell towers falling
  • Video of cell tower fire at Newport News High School
  • In 2016, Reston Land Use Committee voted to NOT Recommend a 2016 cell tower application next to Crossfield due to the safety risks it brought to the children
  • The tower, which does NOT blend in with its surroundings, will stand 50+ feet higher than the trees near it.
  • A tower next to Crossfield elementary will have a negative effect on every home that feeds into Crossfield, both for houses that can see the tower and for concerned parents that don't want their children enrolled in a school with a tower next to the school's playground
  • While Verizon and Milestone Communications claim there is a gap in coverage for this area, a group of parent volunteers tried calls throughout the neighborhood and found they were able to make and receive all but 3 of their calls.

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