Information about the proposed cell tower construction at Crossfield Elementary School in Herndon, VA

Why Not a Cell Tower at Crossfield?

The Crossfield community has several concerns regarding the proposed 138' monopole tower:

  • The science surrounding the safety of the radiation emitted from these towers is inconclusive. Any study that states these towers are safe are referring to small amounts of brief radiation exposure to adults, not prolonged exposure to children. Learn more about our radiation health risks here.
  • The 138' tower is just 120' from one of Crossfield's playgrounds. The safety of the children is compromised while they are playing under a structure that would crush them if it fell. And yes, cell towers fall, as seen in this YouTube video.
  • Cell towers can catch fire, and could ignite the surrounding woods
  • 2,500 square feet of trees would need to be cut down (as well as the trees needed to build an access road from Fox Mill Rd).
  • The tower, which does NOT blend in with its surroundings, will stand 50+ feet higher than the trees near it.
  • The effect the tower will have on real estate values in our area, both for houses that can see the tower and for concerned parents that don't want their children enrolled in a school with a tower this close.
  • While Verizon and Milestone Communications claim there is a gap in coverage for this area, a group of parent volunteers tried calls throughout the neighborhood and found they were able to make and receive all but 3 of their calls.
  • Supporters of the tower state that this is a substantial opportunity for revenue for Crossfield. However, after a $20,000 initial payment to the school (the equivalent of less than 1 year of fundraising), we are locked into a 30 year lease in which Crossfield receives $200 / month.
  • The Fairfax County School Board approved this tower before even notifying parents and neighborhood resident that it was even applied for. This process is designed so that parents cannot make their voices heard

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